Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A random interesting quote

VentureBeat: How would you start a game company today?

CT (Chris Taylor): I would save up a bunch of money to live on for two years. Then I would develop an iPhone game. I would start building relationships with Sony and Microsoft. I would roll that game into an Xbox Live title or a PlayStation network game. Then I could make it into a downloadable game on the PC. The poster child for that is The World of Goo. Read about that game. Drink lattes. Put your feet up. And build your game. To do that, you need a couple of years in the bank and you have to live in your parents’ basement. You can’t start out with $30 million for a console game. @*%&$^, Roland Emmerich didn’t wake up one day and create Independence Day. We can’t be delusional about trivializing what it takes to make these big games.

I spent numerous years of my life trying to make a video game out of a garage, but didn't follow his advice. Instead I made the typical mistake of starting big and trying to trim down, whereas the opposite approach is more viable. On another note, it seems to me that the iPhone is single-handedly creating a bubble like wave of entrepreneurship. Finally, connecting these semi-random thoughts, my former startup colleague, Jay Freeman, has become something of an iPhone celebrity (see article in the Wall Street Journal here), being the force behind the Cydia frontend for jailbroken IPhone's.

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